Ecommerce UI components and framework powered by El.js and Hanzo

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Shop.js is a complete set of reactive Ecommerce components powered by El.js. With Hanzo, it can be easily integrated into any website, no backend required.

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Getting Started

Include Shop.js in your project and configure your Hanzo API key. Integrating Shop.js components is as simple as inserting our custom tags into your existing HTML.


The Cart component can display items your customer has added to their order, show order subtotal and allow customers to input coupons. Try using GETSHOPJS to see how easy it is to apply a coupon to an order.


The Checkout component allow users to input credit card information to pay for their purchases.

Side Cart

A Cart can be embedded in a side pane and opened by triggering a 'side-pane-open' event with the id of the side pane element.

Checkout Modal

Shop.js includes a beautiful, fully responsive Checkout Modal component for getting started collecting payments quickly. Designed for crowdfunding launches, companies have collected millions of dollars using nothing more than this component.

Coming soon

As we continue to open source more of Hanzo's built-in components, look forward to new components supporting product cards, search, user management and more.


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